The Sunsets Story

Inspired by a love of independent filmmaking and live music, Christian Wright and Dan Holodak dreamed up a way to simultaneously showcase the beauty of New York at sunset, and the abundant creativity of the musicians who call the city home.

Season 1

Season one began filming shortly before Covid-19 hit NYC, so after an initial hiatus the team adapted to operate safely under NYC's media guidelines in order to finish a shortened season featuring five solo musicians and one band.

Session 1 drops on April 5, with new releases weekly through May.

Special thanks

Meet The Team

Christian Wright

Christian Wright is a filmmaker and photographer who loves dynamic portraiture and storytelling through multiple artforms. On the Sunsets project he acted as cinematographer, gaffer, producer, colorist, and editor.

Dan Holodak

Dan Holodak is a filmmaker and sound recordist who loves to create art that makes people happy. On the Sunsets team he filled the roles of cinematographer, sound mixer, graphic designer, director, and editor.

Beth Crane

Beth Crane is a photographer and software developer who loves capturing tiny moments and bringing ideas to life. On the Sunsets crew she acted as polaroid photographer, behind the scenes videographer, artist interviewer, and website developer.